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Town Centre

The Gifford Hill Town Centre will be a real South Australian working town, with a contemporary country feel. Active, outgoing and healthy, it will be a great place to visit, shop, work and meet with friends.

In time, the Town Centre will become a mixture of retail, essential community services, local business and residential living. There is an opportunity for a school to be a close neighbour of the town centre to share in some of the essential community services, such as healthcare, childcare and possibly a library.

Whilst the exciting Racecourse and Function Centre will provide a fantastic facility as a start-up, the Town Centre will take time to develop and grow in tune with the pace of the growth of the residential community. The more that the local community embraces the Gifford Hill Town Centre, the more successful the town centre will become. Some essential community needs will be serviced from day one for these first residents but viable and vibrant towns take time to grow and prosper.

It will be exciting to be a part of that town centre birth.

Town Centre Concept