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Equine Trainers' Village

The Murray Bridge state of the art racing facility has been strategically located so that a well-planned equestrian trainers’ estate can be incorporated between the new race course and Brinkley Road. This location ensures that the horse trainers and stabling areas are conveniently and safely linked to the new training track and race day stalls. 

Burke Urban and the Murray Bridge Racing Club sought the support of experts in the Racing Industry and in July 2010 established an Equestrian Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Arthur Dabernig to independently assess the requirements of the Equestrian Estate and to recommend to the planners and the Joint Venture partners the most appropriate strategy for development and ongoing management of the stabling areas. 

The Murray Bridge Equine Trainers' Village comprises a staged complex of some 60 community title lots, which average 5,000 square metres, for the accommodation of thoroughbred horse stables and trainers residences adjacent the new Murray Bridge Racecourse. Each allotment will be bounded by a stylish equestrian fence and with a 5 metre landscape buffer between each site. 

Whilst we have no plans to unduly regulate the trainers in terms of the layout and design of their facilities, certain restrictions will be placed on development of each lot. The types of guidelines that will apply include building setbacks for the various activities, building and fencing materials, a reasonable colour range and an appropriate limit on horse numbers within each lot.

The Equine Trainers' Village is secured by Community Title ownership which provides for community management of services and infrastructure, including roads, pathways, landscaping, fencing and bridal paths together with positive obligations on estate occupants for site and stable bio-security and to ensure the estate meets best practice in equine management.

The estate is linked to the new Murray Bridge Racecourse by an internal bridle path system which delivers horses to the new racing centre without crossing any roads, and which when complete comprises grass, synthetic and sand training tracks, and an on-course stables and training complex comprising a wide range of training facilities.

Bio-security is an important consideration for the thoroughbred industry and so considerable effort has gone into the planning of the Trainers Village to ensure that horses are secure and reasonably separated from other stables to reduce cross contamination.

We are investigating systems to deal with the management of horse waste and recycling waste into environmentally friendly products; also a focus for the Equine Advisory Committee. Traffic management and flows within the precinct are being addressed. 

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Equine Village