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The Placemaker
10 January 2011


He’s come to Murray Bridge to pave the way for a major new project. A joint venture between the Murray Bridge Racing Club and Burke Urban, the development will combine a state- of-the-art equine racing and training facility with a village of 3,500 allotments. The developers are working with the Rural City of Murray Bridge to make sure their project is something more than a run-of-the-mill subdivision.

“Usually, The Village Well is hired by councils to rejuvenate existing streets,” Rochecouste explains. “This is a first in Australia with a greenfield developer – Burke Urban is willing to invest out of its comfort zone. It costs a huge premium, but these are long- term investors who want to leave a legacy. These guys are savvy, they can see that doing good is good for business.”


Adelaide Hills Magazine, Summer 2011, p 148