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Imagine Results in a $7.115 Million Win for Murray Bridge
14 August 2012


The Mayor of the Rural City of Murray Bridge Allan Arbon OAM recently announced that Council will receive $7.115 million provided by the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative for its visionary Murray Bridge Storm-water Management and Reuse Scheme project

Mayor Arbon said the scheme, which will be discussed at the Council meeting to be held on 13 August 2012, is one of the key initiatives of Council to reduce reliance on the River Murray as the population increases, whilst keeping the city green and economically strong.

Whilst the community have been beavering away on a multitude of exciting small wins as a result of the Imagine program, Council, Regional Development Australia and private property developer Burke Urban have continued to focus their efforts on some Big Wins for the region.

One of these exciting initiatives has been the development of an integrated Storm-water Management and Re-use Scheme that encompasses the Gifford Hill residential development, Murray Bridge race course sites, and the Murray Bridge township. It has been made possible through the innovative decision of the Murray Bridge Racing Club to relocate to its new site at Gifford Hill thereby freeing up land to accommodate this storm-water solution.

“The Scheme will collect storm-water from flood mitigation basins within Murray Bridge and transfer it to a site at Gifford Hill for treatment and storage, with future distribution to various locations within Murray Bridge for reuse.” Council CEO, Peter Bond said.

“Once operational a harvesting scheme will yield in the order of 830 ML per annum. It is intended that the initial stage will result in an available yield of approximately 660ML per annum” he said.

Mayor Arbon said there is strong community support for this project, which will also reduce the impact of urban run-off on local catchments around Murray Bridge and improve water security by providing an alternative source of water for use in Murray Bridge.

This scheme will reduce dependency on mains and river water and will provide the opportunity to increase use of storm-water for irrigation, improving the aesthetic and recreational facilities within the township.

This is a big win for Murray Bridge and is evidence that an integrated regional vision, with strong community support and structure planning tools can result in some significant outcomes for the community.

“We remain focused on the revitalization of our region and ultimately creating a better place to live for our residents and a desirable destination for South Australian’s.” says Council CEO, Peter Bond.

The scheme supports the Australian Government’s National Urban Water and Desalination Plan objectives by:

  • producing a sustainable water resource from urban storm-water by substituting 375ML/a of irrigation water;
  • using green energy to operate the scheme; and,
  • integrating reuse facilities within the flood mitigation systems already in place without impacting on flood mitigation capacity.

The Scheme is consistent with the Rural City of Murray Bridge’s Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP) and will provide a base for future expansion that will include a diverse range of water resources to support urban and economic growth.

Media contact:

Mildy Raveane

Rural City of Murray Bridge

Manager Customer Relations


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