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The Imagine Program

To achieve these outcomes, Burke Urban, in collaboration with the Rural City of Murray Bridge and Regional Development Australia – Murraylands (RDA), developed a highly innovative and multi-award winning place-making and regional revitalisation initiative called Imagine Your Rural City of Murray Bridge 2020.

This has directly contributed to:

  • A public/private partnership that’s produced a vision and action plan to create a new and bright future for the Rural City of Murray Bridge;
  • Assistance for the City of Murray Bridge to plan for strategic growth, whilst striking a balance between commerce and the need to retain and further develop a sense of culture, history and authenticity in the town and region;
  • A much better informed, educated and enthused community, which has given the local community a sense of ownership and valued involvement in the process of change;
  • Freedom of information and a genuine opportunity for all to participate;
  • Confidence that the local community will have input into the master-planning and place-making at Gifford Hill and Newbridge;
  • An improved, informed place-driven and structured planning process for the region and a plan for the renewal of the Murray Bridge city centre.

Significant and tangible achievements of this program include these major outcomes, which are now guiding the economic and social development of Murray Bridge:

  • Murray Bridge Structure Plan;
  • A Town Centre Master Plan;
  • An Integrated Traffic Management and Transport Plan;
  • A Community Plan.

Council is now undertaking further work based on the regional vision, including amongst other things, a positive ageing strategy.

Burke Urban is also working with the Council  and RDA on a steering group to establish a regional city business alliance with a goal to generate significant additional economic activity within the region.

Imagine Your Rural City of Murray Bridge 2020 Communtiy Workshop
Imagine Your Rural City of Murray Bridge 2020 Community Workshop
Imagine Your Rural City of Murray Bridge 2020 Peter Bond, Gilbert Rochecouste and Olivia Burke