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Town Centre Master Plan

The Rural City of Murray Bridge acts as a Regional Centre servicing the wider Murray and Mallee region. The Town Centre Master Plan provides a guide for the revitalisation and promotion of the Murray Bridge Town Centre by outlining desired land uses and zoning, providing a range of urban design principles to guide suitable development and recommending a number of strategic key projects to facilitate the Vision for the Town Centre.

The Plan provides a comprehensive document which emphasises the high standards that Council requires for all new development in and around the Town Centre, which will ensure a vibrant and functioning Regional Centre.  The Plan also incorporates a public realm style guide and a car parking fund.

View the Town Centre Master Plan here;

Town Centre Master Plan Part 1

Town Centre Master Plan Part 2

Appendix 1A Priority Map

Appendix 1B Priority Map

Appendix 4 - Style Guide

Summary document explaining the Master Plan