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Murray Bridge Structure Plan

 At the outset of the development of the Imagine program one of the objectives set down by the public-private partnership between The Rural City of Murray Bridge, Regional Development Australia and Burke Urban was to deliver an improved, informed and place-drive structured planning process for the region and a plan for the renewal of the Murray Bridge City Centre.

Murray Bridge is poised for significant population growth and the development of the Murray Bridge Structure Plan will map out a long term direction of how our Rural City should grow and develop in line with the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and the Murray Mallee Regional Plan.  The Structure Plan will be Council’s primary strategic planning document. The Plan presents an opportunity to promote an integrated and cohesive guide to the management of this growth by identifying key growth areas and the infrastructure required to support this growth.

You may ask why should this matter?  Well, planned growth offers Murray  Bridge opportunities to provide you and future community members with enhanced social, economic, environmental, recreational and cultural opportunities, as well as the capacity to address infrastructure requirements and create a wider range of housing and employment opportunities.

Click here to download a copy of the Murray Bridge Strucutre Plan which was open to public consultation in March 2012