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Imagine Your Rural City Murray Bridge 2020

The Rural City of Murray Bridge recognises the importance of planning for growth and ensuring the community is enthusiastic about its future. This needs to be achieved whilst simultaneously ensuring they do not lose their connection with the past. Given the recent rezoning of the Gifford Hill land as part of the 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide, the RCMB decided to focus on how the town of Murray Bridge and it's rural communities are going to respond to this growth and other major developments and opportunities happening in the region.

With this in mind, Burke Urban approached the Rural City of Murray Bridge to suggest a collaborative and strategic approach should be taken to ensure Murray Bridge and Gifford Hill do not end up with an “us” and “them” mentality.  This discussion encouraged the recent initiative of the Rural City of Murray Bridge to undertake a community driven review of the town and region to assist in revitalising Murray Bridge and its rural communities and to gain an appreciation for how Gifford Hill will fit in to this overall context. As such Burke Urban introduced the council to Village Well. Burke Urban had already engaged Village Well to work on Gifford Hill so that it becomes a natural extension of the town; an authentic place with a proud, community heart. 

'Imagine Your Rural City Murray Bridge 2020' is the overarching brand that encompasses this initiative and the planning framework that will result from the engagement and drive the change an revitalisation in the region over the next 10 years.