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Burke Urban believes the real measure of success of a development is the strength and vibrancy of the communities that are created within them, and cohesion with the neighbourhoods and towns that already exist around them. Our objective is to create places where people thrive and lifestyle are enhanced and where people want to stay for a long time.

We take a pro-active role in relation to community development based on our view that it is better to embrace the community and attempt to understand their needs, to accommodate these where possible from project inception through to the sensitive planning and design stages, rather than from a position of isolation.

Burke Urban perceive three practical stages to community liaison and development:

Planning and Design

Consulting and working with the affected community to understand its concerns and needs, and trying to accommodate as much of their vision and expectation within the planning and design of the development is paramount. We encourage our urban designers and planners to give REAL consideration to facilities that will cater for the needs of our residents and their children, and to create strong opportunities for linkages with existing neighbourhoods and townships.

Marketing and Communications

Preparing a marketing and communications plan, which encourages neighbourhoods with a strong socio-economic, cultural and age mixture. Burke Urban look to the community first when considering service providers and suppliers for their developments.


Once the first allotment has been sold  the new community starts to grow. At this stage we are charged with the responsibility of connecting new residents with each other, and encouraging them to take pride in their new neighbourhood as well as their home, to create a safe, harmonious, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment for generations to come.